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Teaser Tuesday | Two photographs from Kate and Mike’s Kansas City wedding plus a test

23rd September

Teaser Tuesday was originally designed to provide my couples with a bit of taste of what their wedding images look like but after doing it well over a year I have found it to be very educational for me. Forcing myself to choose just two images from a wedding that really sum everything up and tell the complete story is often quite difficult. I have found it be useful in helping me really zero in to what is most important on the wedding day. Sometimes though this proves to be a very difficult decision and I find myself having to pay attention to both sides of a photo. I need to not only think about what I want and what I find to be a good image but I also need to think what the couple might find to be meaningful. In the end both photos need to not only be moments but also provide a good glimpse into the day. Kate and Mike’s story was two fold in my opinion. On one hand they had an amazing party with some crazy shenanigans on the dance floor and on the other hand was the support and love by their families. So it was obvious I had to show two images that illustrate those two parts of the story equally all the while making sure I show both the bride and groom in at least one image. Not an easy task each week.

This week was especially challenging for me. One … Read the rest

Family Friday | The Johnson family Normal Day Session teaser

19th September

You all know how much I like my days of the week posts….Teaser Tuesday etc. Well today I give you Family Friday to take you into the weekend.

Here are two images I made yesterday during the Johnson families Normal Day Session at their home in Kansas City. This is how I think family photos should be done. Real and packed full of moments and meaning. Deanna, the mom,  is a photographer and operates A Day to Adore Photography here in town so it was an honor to be asked by her to come out and document her family. I had a great time spending the afternoon and evening with her and her husband and their two little ones. I love shooting these 100% pure documentary sessions for families. The moments that happen are way better than anything I could ever come up with. If you are interested in more info on our Normal Day Sessions shoot us a call or an e-mail. We would be happy to talk to you about them.

Thanks guys!


Love this photo of her son concentrating on his homework.


Homework done now it is time to play.

_K5A3427_BRead the rest

Something Different

19th September


Those few who know me well enough know that bike-racing, and cycling in general, have been big part of who I am. That, and photography.

So last week I received an email from an online cycling magazine, www.prologuecycling.com, inviting me to cover Interbike, a trade show for cycling and fitness industry in Las Vegas.   I’d been wanting to go to go a cycling trade show since oh…20 years ago but throughout those years I never found a strong enough reason to make me want to fly to Las Vegas. Lucky for me Interbike also coincided with Cross Vegas, a world class cyclo-cross race, and that suited me great because it meant that there would be more stories and drama for me to cover.

I have to admit that I was a bit star-struck when I finally met the international heroes of cyclo-cross and it’s such a niche sport  where the pro athletes were so accessible to the spectators. It was not easy to focus on the job when I really wanted to enjoy the atmosphere. I’m not a Zen master or anything but somehow I managed to extract myself emotionally from the environment and started focusing on light-moment-composition.

The women pro riders were lining up for their race.  You can see red light shining on them, when the light turned green they would go all out.


Showing up looking good is half the battle.


The race officials did their countdown at 1-minute increment starting from the 10-minutes mark.  In the … Read the rest

Abby + Tyler | A Short Wedding Film from St Joseph Missouri

18th September

I find it funny that we cried more watching the film than we did that day. Maybe because we were able to experience the love more slowly and process our emotions together in private. I am forever grateful to you for giving us such wonderful memories and capturing the moments that I can’t remember. I feel like I had amnesia and it’s been upsetting to me. Our video changed that. I feel such relief and joy!

– Abby

I’ll admit it, I’m a moment junky. When I shoot, I’m constantly looking for honest and true moments that might inform the viewer about my subject. I pare down my gear to zero in on those moments. Nothing unnecessary because I am always on the hunt. I’m present; always watching.

My films are changing slowly as I evolve as a wedding film maker. I often ask myself when shooting “If this were my great grandfathers wedding film, would I want to see it?”. I now ask this when editing as well.

So here we have Abby and Tyler, my longest “short film” to date. Even at ten minutes this film is dense with information about them as a couple. Some of it is narrated (how they met and the meaning of the arrow head necklace), some of it is buried in the audio bed (Abby’s Anchorman quote), some of it is in your face (Tyler’s fearless bubbly drinking, and their debate about who is taller). I have intentionally left more information in … Read the rest

Teaser Tuesday | Alicia + Trent Kansas City wedding at the Pilgrim Chapel

16th September

The interesting thing about this job is that it is never the same. One day I am shooting a 1,000 guest wedding and the next I am shooting a 14 person, including the bride and groom, wedding for 5 hours on a Saturday morning. That is what makes what I do so great. No matter how big or how small the wedding my purpose and approach never changes. Alicia contacted me a few weeks ago and booked me this week for their small wedding on Saturday. I loved it. Even though only 12 people were in attendance this event was so real and so meaningful.

Here are two of my favorite images from the day.

It is no secret I love reality and more importantly I embrace things for what they are. So I was excited to get to Alicia’s house that morning to see that they were in the middle of renovations and the place was a mess. It was perfect. They are going to forever have a record of what their life was like when they got married. They had just moved into their house and were in the middle of painting and redoing rooms. I loved how her sister had to sit on the floor to talk to her as she got her hair done because they did not have any chairs in the kitchen yet.


Alicia makes her way into the Pilgrim Chapel to meet her dad before walking down the aisle. This was a great … Read the rest