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Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photographs of Sara and Matt

21st October

This wedding was really interesting for me. I have know the bride Sara for years and worked many weddings with her as she is the assistant for wedding coordinator Ellyn Bold. She has seen me behind the scenes at many weddings and still decided to ask me to shoot her wedding. It was such an honor to be asked to shoot this wedding and even more of an honor to witness it. Sara and Matt went above and beyond on this wedding from everything to an incredible ceremony location on the lawn of the Liberty Memorial with the city as a backdrop to a non-stop dance party at Pennway Place. It was seriously touching and seriously fun.

Here are three photos that really sum up the day for me.

Sara having fun with her sister as she helps with the dress. Loved this moment.


Sara is super close to her mom. Here they share a quiet moment on the bus to the ceremony.


Sara and Matt at the end of night in the back of Pech limosines Cadillac after a great sparkler exit.

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Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photography of Grace and Scott’s ceremony and reception at The Guild.

14th October

It’s amazing to me how in the is business I can be shooting at the same venue twice in one month yet experience two totally different events. A few weeks ago I posted about my new favorite venue, The Guild, in Kansas City. I got the chance to shoot there again on Saturday for Grace and Scott’s wedding ceremony and reception. I loved how the other event was a crazy party and this one was jam packed full of special family moments. Grace walks to the beat of her own drum and holds her family and friends very close to her heart. It was super obvious as all day as she just sat back and watched as all of her favorite people were having the time of their lives. You could tell she and Scott cared more about their guests having fun than anything else. It was really fun to watch.

Here are two images that sum up the night for me. Both are from the reception and both are part of the formal dances done at every wedding. However, because Grace wanted to mix things up a bit they decided to do the dances at the end of the night rather than at the beginning of the reception like they typically are. I always love when this happens as I feel the emotions behind the dances are heightened. It was a great way to end the evening. Always is.

Grace shares an emotional dance with her dad right before … Read the rest

Cate + Stephen | A Kansas City Short Wedding Film

13th October

A great way to make your wedding day more meaningful not only to you but to your family and friends, is to build as many personal elements into your wedding as possible. Including these elements in my wedding films makes my film more than just a quick trailer, they become a window into the heart of my couples. Nothing is staged, everything is real.

Cate and Stephens film begins at the rehearsal with Stephen unable to continue talking about his bride without choking up, and then launches into Cate remarking about how precious he is. We love telling stories with moments like these. On the wedding day, beyond the looks and smiles that everyone delivers while getting ready, we also see Stephen as a joker and a football fan. When we get to the church, we see that it not only is the same church Cate’s parents were married in, but they drove the same route on the way to their own wedding. Reading the same vows that have echoed through her family for generations, Cate and Stephen were wed amongst their family and friends in a relaxed, familiar setting. After the ceremony we watch Cate lean back with happiness and excitement before the first kiss as man and wife. I include very few static details in my films, but have included a cake topper and cardinal as it has significant importance to the family. These details with family stories attached to them I feel are most important to relay … Read the rest

Teaser Tuesday | Lawrence Kansas wedding photography of Jenna and Steve

7th October

Saturday I found myself back in Lawrence Kansas on the campus of the University of Kansas where my love of photojournalism started. It was wonderful to get back to Lawrence again to document Jenna and Steve’s wedding. Weddings can tend to be stressful events no doubt, but in my experience of documenting over 300 of them, it always works out. Such was the case on Saturday. It was unknown whether or not the ceremony was going to be able to be held on the terrace of the Oread Hotel due to how cold and windy it was on Friday at the rehearsal. Fingers were crossed and by the time the ceremony rolled around Saturday evening it was perfect. Jenna and Steve were able to get married under a perfect Kansas sky they love so much. It’s funny I think that stress that comes with weddings actually ends up making them better. I mean if everything was smooth sailing and easy there would be no emotional roller coaster. Everything that was easy in my life was never very memorable. I loved the emotional roller coaster that was Jenna and Steve’s wedding. One minute you would witness Jenna shedding a tear and the next she was throwing her head back in laughter. It was a joy to be a part of.

The images:

As you know I love quiet moments. They take extra concentration to look for and capture which often times I feel is why I like them so much. Love … Read the rest

Catt + Cam | The Best Wedding Speech Ever

1st October

Tyler posted a few images yesterday of the wedding reception of Catt and Cameron (see them here!). I thought that one of those images needed further explanation, so I give you one of the best wedding speeches I have ever witnessed. It is not just best because of what the maid of honor does, but because it so completely sums up who the brides maids are as a group, and gives you so much insight into what crazy fun this group of girls has been and will most likely always be.

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