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Kelby + Alex | Wedding in Kansas

25th November

It just didn’t happen too often that I photographed two sisters’ wedding within one year period.

Just seven months before her wedding day Kelby was one of the bridesmaids in her older sister’s, Leigh, wedding. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that Kelby decided to hire me as her photographer not long after I photographed Leigh’s wedding.

So there I was seven months later photographing the wedding of Kelby and Alex.  Their wedding day was truly a family affair since they had their wedding reception on the beautiful family farm in Lenexa, Kansas, and they did most of the decoration for the outdoor reception tent themselves.

On to the images.



Kelby’s friend reaction when she saw her make up and hair do.




(The photo of the groom below was taken by my second shooter Danny Iskak)


Kelby’s reading the letter from Alex.



Kelby was covering her face so the incoming guests couldn’t see her before the ceremony while her bridesmaids were forming human barrier to block the guests’ view.


Kelby’s trying to calm down the nerve before the ceremony.


Before the ceremony Kelby and her dad took the time to practice their dance move for the father-daughter dance later in the evening.


Kelby and her dad having private moment before the ceremony started.




In the midst of the chaos of the wedding day Kelby and Alex managed to find a private moment after the ceremony.


Never a dull moment in the party bus.


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Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photography of Sara and Adam

18th November

Words cannot describe Sara and Adam and how amazing they are. I inherited this wedding from David, the other photographer at Wirken, as he was unable to be there due to a personal issue and frankly I am glad I did. I met Sara and Adam at the studio for the first time about two weeks prior to their wedding. I felt like I had known them my entire life. They are the most sweet, welcoming people which made the difference in the quality of images I was able to make on Saturday during their wedding at the Hawthorne House in Parkville, Missouri. Their wedding was incredible and full of everything a wedding should be in my opinion. Amazing moments were thrown at me constantly and everyone granted the access I needed to be there to document them. So for today’s teaser you get three images. Mainly because I could not decide which one to cut but also because this wedding had so many different emotions I felt it a good idea to pick three images showing that story.

Elation. It was amazing how excited and happy their family and friends were for the two of them to have found each other and were now getting married. I love the reaction of the bridesmaid.

_K5A2176Enjoyment. They had a rocking dance party. It is amazing what happens when you give adults glow sticks.


Emotion. I love this image and is perhaps my favorite of the day. Upon entering their room … Read the rest

Teaser Tuesday | Two Kansas City Wedding photographs of Katie and Jason

11th November

Katie and Jason had a beautiful wedding reception at the Intercontinental Hotel that was expertly designed and coordinated by Michael Nolte of Nolte’s bridal but I found my two favorite photos of the day happened in the limo. I often find myself drawn to the moments between the moments as well as moments that truly represent how it felt on that day. I love these two photos and how they are basically the same photo but tell entirely different stories.

Image one is of Katie on her way to the ceremony with her parents in the limo. I was waiting patiently for the light to strike her face and was hoping it would happen with a row of colorful fall trees outside. It finally came together in a split second flicker of light as the limo passed by the trees. I love how she is seemingly deep in thought by herself.


Then following the ceremony I was equally stubborn about the photo I wanted as I lay on the floor of the limo utilizing the tiny green accent lights waiting for a moment between Katie and Jason. A very different photo with a totally different emotion.

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Cristina + Joel | Kansas City wedding photography

7th November


The first time I met Cristina and Joel in person was in Amsterdam. They currently live there and I happened to be there at a speaking engagement so we had lunch. It was such an easy lunch and I felt like I had been friends with them for years. That really made the difference on their wedding in my opinion. They way they welcome and love people is astounding. It was a glorious wedding.

Here is a run down of Cristina and Joel’s story:

She is from Seville, Spain

He is from Kansas

They met in Malaysia

They now live in Amsterdam

They had a fantastic wedding in Kansas City with folks from all over the world in attendance

There was moon light, dancing, ducks, a tent, one of the best first dances I have seen, amazing speeches, and candy.

Plus I found out I shoot better when I have a glass or two of mid afternoon sangria from La Bodega.


The info:

Planner/designer: Kim Ho/You’re invited

Church: Sacred Heart Guadelupe Church

Reception site: The Kelly Gallery


The photos:

I love this photo of Cristina with her dad and daughter right before leaving for the ceremony.


Joel says hello to his daughter upon seeing her at the church.


Cristina and her dad wait in the limo for the call to head down the aisle. I love how he was squeezing her hand to tightly.



059_B_fragio_disberger_wd  065_B_fragio_disberger_wd

































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Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photos of Jennifer and Tyler

4th November

All hands on deck for today’s Teaser Tuesday. Two of my favorite photos from Jennifer and Tyler’s wedding on Saturday at the Muehlebach hotel in Kansas City. I love how these two images play off of each other. Jennifer’s arms are in the air in both images but they say two completely different stories. The first image is during prep as Jennifer is surrounded by all of her best friends as literally all hands are on deck helping her get ready. I love how they are like a race car pit crew all working at once. So great. The second image also involving lots of hands is quite different but equally as joyous. What a great party they had. It’s amazing what happens when adults put on sunglasses and glow sticks. Things immediately got nuts right after that. Throw in some killer music from The Patrick Lentz Band and you have the perfect formula for arm raising fun. 


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