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Abbey and Rudy : Kansas City Documentary Wedding Photography at Intercontinental Hotel

8th April

I had the honor to document the wedding celebration of Abbey and Rudy in Kansas City.  A lot can be told about people by the way they treat other people around them,  and Abbey and Rudy are certainly a wonderful and kind-hearted couple who surround themselves with loving families and friends.   The day was filled with energy, love, and never ending comic reliefs by their friends and families.    On to the images.



03_Abbey_Rudy_Kansas_City_Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_Intercontinental_Hotel(Image below by Phil)


(Image below by Phil) 01BB_Abbey_Rudy_Kansas_City_Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_Intercontinental_Hotel


07_Abbey_Rudy_Kansas_City_Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_Intercontinental_HotelAbbey’s mom when she saw Abbey in wedding gown.

08_Abbey_Rudy_Kansas_City_Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_Intercontinental_HotelAbbey’s sister.



11_Abbey_Rudy_Kansas_City_Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_Intercontinental_HotelRudy’s friends sending him off to see Abbey for the first time.  (Image below by Phil)



12B_Abbey_Rudy_Kansas_City_Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_Intercontinental_HotelBedeken ceremony.


14_Abbey_Rudy_Kansas_City_Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_Intercontinental_HotelThe rabbi.














Congratulations, Abbey and Rudy!  It’s a joy to document your wedding day.

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Encouraging Reagan | A Documentary Film

2nd April

Last year, we had the honor to be chosen to make a documentary about Camp Encourage for their fall movie fundraiser. Encouraging Reagan is the story of Reagan and his family as they send him to camp for the first time. Reagan is on the autism spectrum and this was his first time for many things; being away from his family overnight, away from his parents, etc. When we sat out to make this documentary, we knew that it had to be a documentary first and foremost. By making that our priority, we made a more honest film about the camp and Reagan’s experience.

April is Autism Awareness month, and in the spirit of that we encourage you to take a look at our film. If you are inspired, head over to the Camp Encourage website (www.campencourage.org) and make a donation. They do not turn away campers due to lack of funds, so your donation will go directly to helping other children like Reagan be able to attend.

Leigh and Tommy | Kansas City Wedding Photography at Starlight Theater

31st March



After many months getting distracted by works, I have finally had a chance to write about a wedding that I photographed last year. I met Leigh and Tommy through Leigh’s mom, Barbara. Leigh and Tommy live in Washington DC and Barbara, who lives in Kansas City, was helping them select the wedding photographer. During our meeting, I immediately felt that Barbara and I shared the same vision about wedding photography. I just love it when everybody shares the same vision and passion about documentary wedding photography. Long story short, Leigh and Tommy arranged a visit to Kansas City so we all finally met and they arranged for me to take their engagement portrait while they’re in town. I love the fact that Leigh and Tommy are a high energy couple who are much in love, and I love it even more when I learned that they really understood the value of documentary wedding photography.

Reception: Starlight Theatre/Epic Productions

Caterer: Brancato’s

Rentals: All Seasons Event Rentals

Decor: Michelle Fischer and Nicole Buland

Band: Chicago Catz

Transportation: Arrow Stage Company

On to the images.






(Image below by Danny)


(Image below by Danny)


The excitement building up on the bus on the way to the church.



Grandma’s reaction when she saw Leigh.




Leigh and her sister, Kelby, trying not to mess up their dresses.



Leigh and her dad just before the ceremony started.









Leigh and Tommy stole a kiss behind the curtain while watching the guests took their seats.




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Madeline + Sam | Sedalia Missouri wedding photographs

3rd March



I am finally getting the chance to get caught up and blog some of the incredible weddings I shot last year.  Madeline and Sam are such a pleasure to be around.  I first met Madeline a few years when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I documented for Ashley and Phillip.  The following year I ran into her again at another wedding where she said to me that I would be shooting her wedding one day.  I love when that happens and I love it even more when it comes true.  So this wedding more than a few years in the making.  Let me tell you it did not disappoint.  The wedding took place in the backyard of Sam’s parent’s house in Sedalia, Missouri and was the perfect combo of elegant and comfortable.  I loved how relaxed everyone was.  I also learned people from Sedalia really know how to party.  I am not sure I remember a dance floor staying that packed for as long as it did.  Craziness.   I was honored to be a witness to it all.

Onto the photos-

The flower girl getting her hair done.


Love this photo of Madeline and her sister.  Madeline was the official fake eyelash installer for all of her bridesmaids and her sister was having some trouble getting used to it.

03_sedalia_missouri_wedding_photographer_backyard_wedding_wirken_photographer_creative_wedding_photographyIt was a fun bus ride on the hilly road to the ceremony and reception site.

04_sedalia_missouri_wedding_photographer_backyard_wedding_wirken_photographer_creative_wedding_photographyGreat shot by Tori of Sam writing a letter to Madeline.

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Teaser Tuesday | Two photos from Carrie and Alex’s Kansas City Wedding at Pennway Place

25th February

I am really excited to bring back Teaser Tuesday!  I had my first wedding of the year on Saturday and wanted to share two images from Carrie and Alex’s wedding at Pennway Place in Kansas City.

Carrie and Alex were the perfect kind of clients.  I have never seen anyone be as cool as they were with just letting things happen as they happened.  Laid back is an understatement when describing these two.

Here are two of my favorite images from the day for Carrie and Alex to enjoy while their feet are in the sand this week.

First up is a moment minutes after Carrie and Alex were married.  I love the light in this photo.  They came down the “aisle” and shared a very quick hug and a kiss as husband and wife.  002_kansas_city_wedding_photography_studio_dan_meiners_pennway_place_wirken_photographyThe kids were awesome at this wedding.  I love to call this joy and pain.  :)



Congrats Carrie and Alex!  Enjoy your time at the beach.


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