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Teaser Tuesday| Two destination engagement photos St. Louis Missouri

29th July

Next week I get to travel to Islamorada in the Florida Keys to shoot Amber and Scott’s wedding on the beach. Judging from how fun our engagement session was on Friday in St. Louis it’s gonna be a blast. Since most of my weddings are in the fall this year I decided to share with you all two images from our session in and around the Lou.


The money shot as Amber called it. We worked hard to come up with a different St. Louis Arch engagement photo. St.Louis_engagement_photos_The Arch_wedding_photography_cool_engagement_photos_different_creative_unique_Arch_photosWe started the session in Forrest Park in St. Louis searching for the good light.

St.Louis_engagement_photos_Forrest_park_wedding_photography_cool_engagement_photos_different_creativeRead the rest

Donna + Greg | Teaser Tuesday | Two Lake Quivira Kansas wedding day photographs

15th July

What a great wedding Donna and Greg had on Saturday at the Lake Quivira Country club! Two words come to mind when I think of not only Donna and Greg but their wedding as well.

Faith and Fun.

That was the story on Saturday. Donna and Greg and their friends and family know how to both things really well and it showed. Here are two images that sum those two words up perfectly. Congrats Donna and Greg!


Donna likes to be unconventional. Taking the garter off the groom rather the other way around was the perfect sneak attack that no one saw coming.


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A rare glimpse into my engagement sessions, and why I believe they are so important.

10th July

001_kansas city engagement photographer_vintage van_kansas city crossroads photo shoot_top 10 wedding photographer

If you have ever seen my blog posts, or Facebook postings, you know that I am pretty tried and true in my message. I specialize in, and have a passion for the documentary approach to everything that I shoot. Whether it be a wedding, family session, or a birth I strongly believe in just letting life take over without any influence from me on what is happening. I decided a while ago to really push hard and devote myself to the moment. But there is a time and place for great artistic portraits. For me engagement sessions fit the bill perfectly.

So, today we are sharing with you some of our more recent engagement shots from our 2014 clients and give you a chance to see the other side of what I do. We have a wonderful set of clients that really get our documentary approach, and believe in our message, but they also want a really nice image of themselves, not in wedding garb but rather as they are normally together.

008_kansas city engagement photographer_simple and red_water main_kansas city crossroads photo shoot_top 10 wedding photographer

I have two main goals when doing these sessions. One of my goals in these shoots is to make a piece of artwork that the couple would want to hang in their homes. Reminding them of that day and the fun that they had being together, being real with just a bit of direction from me to get the shot that I think they will love. Ultimately I want to make an image that captures this time in … Read the rest

Louise | A Kansas City Story

30th June

Today we’d like to share something other than a wedding with you. In April, I held a three day workshop for photographers to develop their multimedia skills (adding audio and video into their photography work). The class focused on telling a story of a local Kansas Citian over the course of one day. Tyler attended the workshop and chose to document Louise from Pryde’s Old Westport. He spent the day with her, gathered audio and some quick video bits, and I dropped by to assist and guide the interview. Due to the time restraints of the workshop, I focused on other students work and just recently got down to the nitty gritty with Tyler’s piece. We completed the piece last week with input from Tyler and Nicole. To say the least, we are very happy with how it turned out.

I believe firmly that no matter what story you are trying to tell; be it a wedding, a family or a business; that the most important goal is to express the humanity of the people in the story. Humanity, by definition, being “the quality or condition of being human; human nature”. The emotions, experiences and feeling of being humans; in short, that which makes us human. We can all relate to these things, and when we do, our stories grow from it.

Louise | A Kansas City Story from Untold on Vimeo.

In a world where I can obtain the same items online as in a brick and mortar … Read the rest

Amy + Jon | Kansas City wedding photography at the Downtown Library

27th June





This is a very bitter sweet blog post for me to write. It is sweet cause I loved everything about this wedding.  It is bitter because it is the last wedding I will photograph with the Shaw family. Amy was the last of three daughters that I have had the privilege to document on their wedding day. I am pretty sure it was close to 8 or 9 years ago when I photographed the first one. I have always felt like a part of the family so it was quite a special day for me as well. The bonus was meeting Jon and his family and how well him and Amy mesh as a couple. Both of them come from such loving families and it showed throughout the night. Never was there a dull moment. One moment everyone is crying and the next they are going crazy on the dance floor.   I can speak for hours on what this wedding and what this family means to me but I would rather let the photos do the talking. Thank you Amy and Jon for letting me be there to document such and epic event and to the Shaw family for always making me feel like I was one of you.

Till next time- Tyler “shooter” Wirken

The info- Ceremony and Reception- The Kansas City Downtown Library

Floral- Studio Dan Meiners

The photos:



003_top_kansas_city_wedding_photographers_wirken_photography_kansas_city_wedding_photography_downtown_library_studio_dan_meiners_ceremony_receptionLove this moment between Amy and her sister.




007_top_kansas_city_wedding_photographers_wirken_photography_kansas_city_wedding_photography_downtown_library_studio_dan_meiners_ceremony_receptionAmy’s sister and her mom right after … Read the rest