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Caitlin + Pat | A Short Kansas City Wedding Film

15th December

One of my favorite moments during the wedding day is the five seconds after the bride and groom come down the aisle as a married couple. Often times it is the only time during the wedding day where the couple can have a moment to themselves and really let it sink in that they are married. I love these unguarded moments. Caitlin and Pats moment is subtle but powerful because of it.

The wedding took place at Visitation in Kansas City Missouri with a reception following at the Grand Street Cafe. The wedding was photographed by Tracy Routh and you can see her take on the day on her blog. … Read the rest

Jamie + Ryan | A Kansas City Short Wedding Film

8th December

I’m going to try to show the backlog of films I completed this year. First up, Jamie and Ryan!

I make films to inform the viewer about who you are as a person, what you loved at this point in your life and how you and those close to you spend your time. Jamie and her family spent time taking phone pictures and sharing them before the ceremony. Enough time that I included it in their short film. You often hear about unplugging on your wedding day, but here it seemed an extension of who they are on a normal day. It informed and delighted me. Most of all, it felt like part of their fun (not a distraction from it) because once the good stuff began, their phones were put away. It’s these little details I love including to further round out the telling of the story of your day.

Ceremony and reception took place at the River Market Event Place. The event was photographed by Christina Domingues. … Read the rest

Amy + David | Kansas City Wedding Preview

4th December


One thing that I love about shooting weddings is that many times I will never know what I’m going to see the next time I’m turning a corner.This wedding is definitely one of those.

Amy and David live in Shanghai, China, and all the prior consultation and communication was done through David’s mom, so I never met them until the wedding rehearsal one day before the wedding.

Amy and David already had their wedding celebration done in Shanghai, and now David’s side of the family wanted to celebrate their wedding in Kansas City. David’s mom told me that Amy and David would like to keep the bride-groom portrait to a minimum because they wanted me to focus on capturing the relationship in the families and friends. Awesome, that’s perfectly in-line with my view of what wedding photography should be all about.

So there I was on their wedding day at David’s parents’ home when I spotted Amy and David having wine and chatting, just the two of them, in the kitchen before they headed to church. Of course I remembered about “very minimum bride-groom posed portrait” but I just had to shoot it because I knew if I didn’t do the portrait at that moment then there would be no more chance at all for the rest of the day. So I asked Amy and David to stand closer to each other and to continue with whatever they were doing. Two-minutes and forty-seconds later, I told them we were done … Read the rest

Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photography of Lauren and Nathan’s wedding

2nd December

I had the pleasure of documenting Lauren and Nathan’s a week ago in Kansas City but sadly was unable to get their Teaser Tuesday images up as I was out of the country speaking and teaching in Spain. These images are worth the wait though. I loved this wedding. Lauren and Nathan are such fun to be around and have great attitudes toward life. This wedding was the perfect combo of sentimental and silly fun. Here are a few of my favorites from the day including a rule breaking treat for you all, one of my portraits.

I love this photo so much. Lauren lost her dad a few years ago and got his signature tattooed on her wrist. I worked hard to make a photo of that as she was getting dressed for her wedding day.

_K5A0058bwAs I said the wedding was sentimental and fun! This really sums up who Lauren is.

_D1B6950 A fast portrait in the dark at the Guild. Love how this came together.   _K5A1663_2

 … Read the rest

Courtney + David | A Kansas City Wedding Film

1st December

This film is another example of why I choose to make short films instead of “highlight” films. Time and time again, I cannot bring myself to merely show the “highlights” and move on. In this film I was too entranced with the rain, the interaction of Courtney and her father, the Chiefs bus breaking down (nearly making the groom late) and with the deep love that Courtney and David express for one another. My goal is to tell the story of your day in as complete a way as possible, which often means including so much more than just the highlights. Today I give you the short film of Courtney and David.

The ceremony took place at Powell Gardens with the reception following at Grand Street Cafe. The event was captured with photographs by Quincy and Ashley Pickering of Picgreen Photography. You can see their take on the day on their blog. Picgreen blog.Read the rest