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Sara + Adam | Kansas City wedding photography at the Hawthorne House

20th February



I tend to consider myself fairly lucky. Typically I believe you make your own luck as the definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. However, sometimes you just plain get lucky. That is exactly how I felt after documenting Sara and Adam’s wedding. My luck was the result of David’s, our associate photographer, bad luck unfortunately. Last fall David was in an accident and was unable to photograph this wedding so I got the call to take over. As sad as I was for David I felt very fortunate to be able to witness Sara and Adam and how they love each other, their friends and their family. It was such a magical day with everyone being so wonderfully open and inviting. It made my job of telling the story quite easy actually. The moments were flowing freely and all I had to do what listen, watch, and wait for everything to come together and it did. Even though I was the ringer Sara and Adam welcomed me with open arms and let me do whatever I needed to in order to make the images necessary. Having that freedom, trust, and access to be where you need to be really makes the difference in the story that can be told. Sara and Adam and their families gave me that and I am forever grateful.

This wedding also solidified my belief in the power of the quiet moment. Last night David and I had Sara and Adam in for … Read the rest

Wedding Photography Give Away

16th February


Wirken Wedding Photography Give Away

We are looking for one amazing couple that needs free wedding photography by Tyler Wirken in 2015!

If you are or know of a deserving couple with an amazing story we want to know.
To learn more about this project and to apply visit – http://www.wirkenphoto.com/contest/

Also be sure to like our page on Facebook as well as follow Tyler Wirken on Instagram @tylerwirken for updates and to vote for the winner. Deadline for submissions is March 9th 2015!… Read the rest

Grace & Scott |Another Kansas City Wedding at the Guild

5th February



Seems like this fall I have spent a lot of time at The Guild KC and it has quickly become one of my favorite venues in Kansas City for weddings. It was perfect for Grace and Scott’s touching wedding.

It was just so wonderful watching them both enjoy the small joys of the day in a soft, sweet way. I found that it made me slow down, breathe more and take the time to watch for the subtle moments happening between Scott and Grace, but also between all the people that were important to them. For this couple they hosted both the wedding and reception at this crossroads venue. The ceremony was beautifully done in the private outdoor space behind the building and the reception followed afterwards in the wonderful vintage feel building. The ceremony and reception were nicely decorated by the created folks at Blue Bouquet.


The images:



068_B_slosburg_steffens_wdGrace’s dad taking a quick break before all the activities begin.


Grace and her brother are very close and  shares a similar sense of humor.079_B_slosburg_steffens_wd




122_slosburg_steffens_wdI am obsessed with these lights in the courtyard of the Guild. It’s fun to see how many different portraits I can think of for each wedding.

156_B_slosburg_steffens_wdSome nice details at The Guild, as well as Blue Bouquet additions.









Grace and her dad share a dance.


The final dance.

336_slosburg_steffens_wdRead the rest

Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photography of Katie and Justin

27th January

Teaser Tuesday is still hanging around thanks to my crazy busy fall and winter season! Today we have three images from Katie and Justin’s wedding in Kansas City. This was such a fun wedding to work on especially during our fast “portrait” time after the ceremony. I say “portrait” as elected to use our time and take a drive over to Shawnee Mission park where Katie and Justin got engaged and make an image of them releasing a lantern as homage to their time together teaching in Thailand. It was an incredible event one they will remember forever.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from the day!

Sometimes you gotta make the best of what you have. The church was laid out in such a way there were no good angles on the ceremony. I was lucky to find a space through the podium that I could frame their faces. In the end I am glad I was not able to do what I normally do at a ceremony as I would not have found this angle otherwise. Love this photo.


In the backroom right after the ceremony.


It was not easy but I think this photo was totally worth the time spent and the cold temperatures. TW1_5652Read the rest

Catt & Cameron | Kansas City Wedding at the Guild

23rd January



When a couple decides to book with us and they say to me “You can do whatever the F&%k you want while you shoot my wedding”, I know that I am going to LOVE working with this couple. Although at times I really doubted that they meant just that, but true to their word Catt and Cam were the most laid back people and they trusted me fully to get them good images.  It does not hurt that they are a wonderful couple, have amazing friends and family and know how to throw a good party.  Great wedding located at  The Unity Plaza  and the reception at The Guild made for some awesomely composed moments with good light! My 3 favorite things! Also enjoy some amazing floral and fire pit ideas by Blue Bouquet. The images:


Usually at a wedding the guys are a bit more rowdy than the girls. Here Catt and her gals were a force to be reckoned with. The wedding day was a bit hotter than expected and they found ways to cool down down.


Mother of the groom watching as her boy gets married.




Catt’s Mom walking her down the aisle.005_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography

Catt’s Dad passed away before he could witness her getting married, but they still left an open seat for him.

006_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 007_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 008_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography

Post ceremony celebrating!009_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 010_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 011_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 012_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 013_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography

Some drinks and fun at Antons Tap Room before heading to the reception.014_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 015_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 016_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 017_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography 018_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography

Even images of people taking a bathroom break can be compositionally pretty!019_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography  021_kansas_city_wedding_photography_top_wedding_photographer_the_guild_event_space_tatoo_bride_blue_dress_unity_temple_ceremony_wirken_photography

Starting out … Read the rest