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Bigger isn’t always better

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29th September

I had the pleasure of shooting two very small intimate weddings at the beginning of the month.  I love it when I have the opportunity to be a part of ceremonies like these, because, not only is it a change of pace from my usual 10 hour gig, but I always feel even more honored to be let in to this space and time that is made up of only a select few important people.
Both couples wanted just about an hour of photojournalistic coverage, and then some fun portraits.

I’ll start with Dina and Tracey…
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Meet Brock

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27th September

Do you remember seeing darling Annika and Jaden last month?  Here is their awesome brother Brock- who just turned 6!brock2.jpgbrock4.jpg … Read the rest

Alison and Andy Engagement

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26th September

Alison and Andy love to run together, so I suggested the track for some fun creative engagement pictures.  So much fun!016alison_andy_engagement-c.jpguntitled-1.jpg … Read the rest

Aaron & Jamie Engagement

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17th September

We’re singing in the rain! What troopers these guys were. With their November 2008 wedding fast approaching, they were not going to let a little rain stand in their way for some great engagement shots with Tyler. Enjoy!img_5515.jpg

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Emily and Grant Wedding | August 9th, 2008

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16th September

When I first met with Emily and her mom their excitement for this wedding was contagious.  The dress, the elegant party in the President Ballroom- all of it was an expression of their excitement for this marriage and their intense love for their daughter.  The wedding day did not fail to continue this authentic feeling of love and celebration.  

I have adopted a sentiment once shared with me by Amy Deputy, Washington D.C. based wedding photojournalist.  She urged us as a group of wedding photographers to realize the privilege that we have to cover weddings- that weddings are a place where all of a person’s most beloved ones are gathered together into one space for a day.  

There are weddings where the intensity of these collected relationships is readily apparent.  This was one of those weddings.  From Emily’s quiet tears shared with her dad right before walking down the aisle,  to Grant’s incredible words to Emily during the toasts, there were many moments that I was honored to be there as a witness.  Thank you guys for letting me in.

When I arrived at the hotel, the guys and girls were down the hall from one another passing notes on some prenuptial agreements.  Here the guys make some amendments…018gill_karr.jpg031gill_karr.jpgRead the rest