Aaron & Jamie Engagement

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17th September

We’re singing in the rain! What troopers these guys were. With their November 2008 wedding fast approaching, they were not going to let a little rain stand in their way for some great engagement shots with Tyler. Enjoy!img_5515.jpg

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Hannah + Tyler | Wedding

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15th September


I have been looking forward to this wedding for a while now.  When Hannah and her mom came to meet with me well over a year ago we immediately hit it off.  They were full of so much joy and energy.  I knew this one was going to be good.

They come from a HUGE Italian family and assured me this wedding would be crazy from the massive amounts of homemade cookies to the party.  They were correct.

We had a fantastic time.

The details.

The images are below.  Enjoy.

 Hannah (right) starting the party early with a toast.




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Welcome Hudson

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15th September

This little guy had a hard time staying awake while Tyler shot him…but I think it made for some even better images. Enjoy!


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Paige + Angelo | Wedding | Ambergris Caye, Belize

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5th September

I am getting very used to Belize nowadays.  How could I not?  Island life is the way to go.  We can all learn a bit how those wonderful folks down there live.  Ever heard of island time?  Everything happens when it happens.  You just gotta roll with it.  I like the way they think down there.  Things are slower.  Less stressful.  Oh, and quite beautiful if you ask me. This was my fifth time there to document weddings and I just never get tired of stepping off that plane and taking my first deep breath of sea air.

As our hero Jimmy Buffett says- “It’s a medicine no doctor can prescribe”.

I am pretty sure all of those things went into consideration when Paige and Angelo decided to get married there.   Boy I am sure glad they did,  and more importantly glad they asked me come along and document it.  We had a blast.  My good friend Janine out of Omaha and her husband got to get their first stamp in their passports and came along to help out for a few days.

Paige and Angelo are such incredibly nice, caring, and thoughtful people.  I had to tell Paige at one point to stop apologizing to me and just do her thing.  Such great hospitality that the couple and their family and friends extending to us.  It is so much fun to do small weddings like this when we are there for a few days with everyone as we get … Read the rest

Katie + Geoff | Wedding

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2nd September

One of my favorite sayings in business is- “you never know where your next job will come from”. So, basically just treat everyone with the same respect, kindness, and customer service no matter how big or small the job is. This rang true for me on this wedding. I had done some portraits for my eye doctor who in turn recommended me to his sister Katie and the rest of this beautiful relationship is history!

I so enjoyed every minute of documenting Katie and Geoff’s wedding. They have such strong family ties and are surrounded by amazingly loving and loyal people. So wonderful to be a witness to all of that connection.

These two were a joy to work with. So easy going and laid back and just plain comfortable in front of the camera. Katie used to model for a local wedding magazine and it showed. She knew the game!

The info:

Ceremony- Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral
Reception- Clubhouse on Baltimore
Band- Neon Blue

The images:

Working with reflections of varying types. Katie getting excited checking out her make-up in the mirror, and Geoff getting a straight razor shave in the River Market.



Wonderful moment when Katie’s mom put the finishing touch of the veil on.

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