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I have been looking forward to this wedding for a while now.  When Hannah and her mom came to meet with me well over a year ago we immediately hit it off.  They were full of so much joy and energy.  I knew this one was going to be good.

They come from a HUGE Italian family and assured me this wedding would be crazy from the massive amounts of homemade cookies to the party.  They were correct.

We had a fantastic time.

The details.

The images are below.  Enjoy.

 Hannah (right) starting the party early with a toast.







The ring bearer getting some help from mom.





I talked of the cookies earlier.  Well here they are, or part of them.  I learned that an Italian tradition for weddings is to have all the women in the family make cookies to bring to the wedding.  Then they have to appoint a guard for the table to make sure no one sneaks a taste until they are ready.  It was quite the thing to see.  I think I heard someone say that the cookie cooks are told they have to use like 5 pounds of flour and make whatever cookie they want.  Yum.



Finishing touches.





My friends Drue and Neil of Blue Bouquet really shined on this wedding.  I just loved the flowers.  Very unique.



Hannah makes her way to the chapel for the ceremony.



Hannah and her dad are very close and shared a bit of time before walking down the aisle.



Tyler’s mom watching it all unfold.



At last!







This was a great moment to shoot.  I love being a witness to families and their relationships.  Tyler is very close with his dad and shared an emotional embrace after the ceremony.



Off to Parkville for some portraits.



I am always chasing light.  We were on our way back to the reception and had to stop to take advantage of some killer late afternoon light.





Hannah’s father provides the blessing.



This was absolutely hilarious.  One of Hannah’s relatives walked up to the head table during the toasts and literally stood there and waited till it was her turn.  Once armed with the mic she was off.  Everyone was rolling as she laid down the law for Tyler and his future.   Too funny.



First dance.



Waiting for the big event.



Let the cookie chaos begin.



Hannah was serenaded by Tyler and his groomsmen.



Time for the party!



Then a bit of drinking.



A bridesmaid leading the guests to Thriller.







Final dance of the night.







They were having so much fun they missed their limo and decided to have some cake while waiting for another ride.









9 thoughts on “Hannah + Tyler | Wedding

  1. Tyler! I’ve been dying to see these since the wedding! They are even better than I imagined! If you ever need another assistant, let me know! I really love the one of Hannah and I hi-fiving after the tequila with Erik looking oblivious! Nice work. Erin (Tyler’s sister)

  2. WOW! Beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids, beautiful dresses, beautiful flowers, beautiful cake, beautiful church! I could go on and on. Oh … and beautiful photos, too! :)

  3. The photos are wonderful and so vivid. It brings me back to your beautiful wedding–such a gorgeous bride and handsome groom. I too loved the picture of the ring bearer by the cake, but Court MUST frame the picture of her helping him get ready–it warmed my heart to tears! I also LOVED the silhouette of Tyler and Hannah on the Parkville street–wow!
    Hannah, you absolutely beat out every movie star in all of your poses–finishing touch with the earring. Beautiful all the way around!! Love, Cousin Josephine

  4. We LOVE the “chasing the light” picture. Gorgeous. I am getting REALLY excited.

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