We are family.

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26th June

What better way to spend an afternoon than with family. Please meet our nephew and niece, Jake and Ellie. We had a wonderful time hanging out with them and loved the images that we got. Enjoy.

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Anne & Aaron Engagment

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18th June

A fun engagement shoot with Anne and Aaron a few weeks ago.  I really enjoyed shooting them around our studio as well as a few cool places in Aaron’s workplace. Stay tuned for their wedding October 3, 2009.


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Welcoming Charlotte | The show

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16th June


On Sunday we all got together with my parents for an early birthday/fathers day celebration for me.  You know time with the parents, eating steak out on the porch enjoying the sounds of little feet and laughter.  All the great moments in life.  Those moments that come and go only recorded mentally.

My parents gave me a gift for fathers day that fueled an already raging fire in me.  It was a little book filled with wonderful images of fathers and their children.  I found myself wanting to instantly thumb through it.  So I did.  Page after page of wonderful photographs.  Some portrait, some documentary images.  Then I noticed how much a strong feeling I got when I came upon a true documentary image as opposed to a portrait.  Do not get me wrong I love portraits and know the importance of a portrait, but there was something about the incredible moments captured between father and child that blew me away.

Maybe it was the fact that I had just seen my parents wedding album that night and experienced the importance of documenting family, maybe it was the subject matter of kids and fathers, but I felt this wave of passion for the moment and for documenting it.  It hit me when looking at an image of a triathlon race in Australia.  The athletes were exiting the ocean after the swim and among the crowd was a little boy holding an artificial limb.  He was  handing it to his father … Read the rest

Vote for us! | Wirken Photography nominated for KC mag best of best.

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5th June

voteA special thanks to all that nominated us for KC Magazines best of Kansas City!  We just recieved word that we are 1 of 5 nominated as best photographer in Kansas City!

Cool news but now it is up to you folks!  You have to now go and vote!

Follow this link – http://citysbest.midwestluxe.com

The new voting website will we open from Friday, June 5th to Monday, June 15th.

Thanks to all that nominated us!  It means a lot.

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Kara + Scooter | Wedding

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1st June

What a party.

Greg, aka: Scooter, and Kara’s wedding was fantastic.   These people know how to do it.  From a wonderfully designed reception by Sidelines, to Kara’s favorite lobster mac and cheese, to dessert catered by Coldstone Creamery,  this thing was the perfect balance of comfortable and classy.

The details:

Ceremony/Reception:  Longview mansion

Flowers/Decor: Sidelines

Lobster mac and cheese: Capital Grill

The images:

Kara taking a moment to enjoy Scooter’s note and gift to her.


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