I love cool babies!

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29th April

Little Marlowe was just one of the happiest babies I have seen in a while. Whether it is genetics or the amazing weather we were having that day, she really performed for Tyler at her shoot. Enjoy a few of our (and her equally cool parents) favorites.

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Urban Camping

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20th April


This past weekend was our last full weekend before wedding season officially kicks off for Tyler. We had a very Wirken weekend. Favorite pizza place Friday night. Saturday then consisted of errands and an evening full of urban camping. Great way to break the boys into camping without having to drive 3 hours to go somewhere just to find out if they like it or not. So, we did it all. Dinner on the grill, set up the camp site, made s’mores — the whole 9 yards. Below are a few images from our fun night. (Please note that Alex and Tyler lasted in the tent until 11 p.m. when the cold and the noise got the best of them. Luckily their nice warm beds and indoor plumbing were not far away). Then on to Sunday and the city market.








Story time before bed as usual. Then off to sleep. Happily Zach and I got to sleep in the house!

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NOLA for some R&R

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6th April

Pam and I got to take a bit of a break last week.  It was spring break and we decided to take the kids to the grandparents in Chicago and take a break for ourselves.  Sneaky I know.  The sad part is that Pam and I could not even remember the last time we were on a vacation by ourselves that was not work related.  So we were beyond excited for our first trip to New Orleans!  It was even sweeter that our friends Brooks and Leigh Whittington from Dallas joined us.  Although it was too short in our opinion it was so great to take in what New Orleans has to offer.  I highly suggest making it down there if you have never been.

Enjoy some images of our wonderful few days in the French Quarter.

I wanted to start with these images as it was my favorite moment of the trip.  Bourbon street is of course famous for all of its debouchery, but we found ourselves drawn to one street south, Royal street.  It was so great and quaint with all the shops and cafe’s.  The best part is it is closed during the day to traffic thus enabling many street performers to do their thing.  We just happened upon a group of musicians called Tuba Skinny.  They were incredible to sit and listen to.  So much so that I bought their CD.  It totally embodied what New Orleans is all about to me.

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