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I love cool babies!

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29th April

Little Marlowe was just one of the happiest babies I have seen in a while. Whether it is genetics or the amazing weather we were having that day, she really performed for Tyler at her shoot. Enjoy a few of our (and her equally cool parents) favorites.

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My Jewel and her Greg

27th April

There is such satisfaction in seeing someone you love find their match.  I was telling Jewel as we drove to shoot our wedding last weekend, that Greg is good enough for her. :)  I know that sounds funny, and no offense Greg, but this girl is a catch and a half.  And now she’s met someone that is also a catch and a half.

I feel a little bit proud, because Jewel and Greg started going out at the beginning of wedding season last year, right when we started working together, so I got to hear about him every week.  They are adorable.  I think they look alike.  And I found myself going “aaawwwww” during my whole edit.  Here are a few of my “aww”s


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Jessica and Ben

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23rd April

Jessica and Ben told me with giggles the bar that they met at (it’s not a bar they frequent).  I thought one day they might want to show their hypothetical kids a picture of them at the bar where they first laid sweet eyes on each other…


…and we walked around their awesome neighborhood in the heart of downtown…

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Urban Camping

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20th April


This past weekend was our last full weekend before wedding season officially kicks off for Tyler. We had a very Wirken weekend. Favorite pizza place Friday night. Saturday then consisted of errands and an evening full of urban camping. Great way to break the boys into camping without having to drive 3 hours to go somewhere just to find out if they like it or not. So, we did it all. Dinner on the grill, set up the camp site, made s’mores — the whole 9 yards. Below are a few images from our fun night. (Please note that Alex and Tyler lasted in the tent until 11 p.m. when the cold and the noise got the best of them. Luckily their nice warm beds and indoor plumbing were not far away). Then on to Sunday and the city market.








Story time before bed as usual. Then off to sleep. Happily Zach and I got to sleep in the house!

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My Devious Daughter

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12th April

Charlotte loves to dig into doors and drawers


And find the most dangerous thing inside

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