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Ash turned 30

Posted on September 8th, by Becca in Becca's life. 4 comments

Today my friend Ashley posted some pictures she took of me the other day to mark my 31st birthday.  I thought it would only be appropriate for me to send her a love letter back by posting some images I took at her 30th birthday party in April.  Ashley has a gift for creating beautiful experiences for people.  She blessed us all that night as she celebrated the culmination of 30 years of life.

This first photo is important.  I knew it was important as I shot it.  Ashley’s 29th year was deeply painful with the loss of her father.  As I watched Ashley and her husband Jeremy dance that night, I could tell that she was crying, and I knew that in  this moment, the whole year just sort of landed on her.  I think she took it all in, said goodbye, and looked forward.

Ashley toasts to her son Tyler

My friends Eric and Laura had *just* gotten home from their honeymoon




4 thoughts on “Ash turned 30

  1. Dearest Becca – sitting up late at night giving Zion a bottle together. We’re finally getting a chance to look at this beautiful post. Thank you for knowing us well enough to capture these beautiful, important photographs. We are so thankful for you. Love, ash + jer

  2. becca, what incredible photos to capture a poignant moment in time. thank you for sharing your talents with the world!! love seeing a photo of eric and me, freshly back from our honeymoon!!

  3. this looks like a dream birthday dinner party. that table, sheesh. i just know that first image will be cherished forever–that belongs in a frame. and the image of ash holding her dress–mm, there’s just something about that detail that draws me in.

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