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I am very aware, as a wedding filmmaker, of a line that divides my artistic impulses and the truth of the wedding day. I strive to match the feeling of the day, invoke the couples personality and project my own voice as an artist in every film I create. It’s a balancing act that pivots on one element of the Short Film the most; the music.

Music is the glue that holds the Short Film together. Everything is heightened, highlighted and enhanced because of it. I have been known to spend days finding the right song that balances all of my above mentioned goals. With Jessica and Greg, I spent quite some time debating it. Then one day while assembling footage of the ceremony, I heard something.

Jessica is receding down the aisle with Greg after just being announced as man and wife. The DJ is standing in the back. Jessica says to him in passing.. “I love this song”. Bam. I had my music. A challenge to my artistic nature, something she loved at that moment in her life and a song that spoke to who they are as a couple. Perfect.

In between the rainfall and rainbow, Jessica and Greg were married surrounded by loved ones on a warm day in September in Parkville, Missouri. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell the story of your day.

Photography: Kelley Walker Chance

Venue: The National Golf Club

DJ: Two Guys A Girl and Some Speakers

Music for Film: Vitamin String Quartet “Don’t Stop Believing”



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