Katie + Dave | Married | Short Film

Posted on November 3rd, by Brandon Parigo in Film Life, wedding life. No Comments

When looking from the outside in, most weddings look pretty similar. Rings, dresses, flowers, cake and presents. It’s all the same. Or is it.

The thing that makes every wedding a completely unique event: the bride and groom. How they interact with one another. How they rest, lean, hold hands, glance, laugh, cry, smile, cheer and dance. It is in these small gestures that their humanity and love radiate. That is what makes all weddings, and all days in general, unique and beautiful.

Katie and Dave sum this point up completely. I love how when Katie and Dave look at each other, they really look at each other. They are connected on a different level. We see it in the compilation of these gestures, their interaction with their loved ones, and yes even the little details of their day that serve as icing on the cake. It is my pleasure to present to you Katie and Dave.

Ceremony Country Club Christian Church
Reception Benton’s Prime Steakhouse
Photography Andrea DeLong
DJ John from Elite Sounds Entertainment Group
Lodging Weston Crown Center
Music in Film “Good Life” by OneRepublic



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