Allison + Kevin | A Short Kansas City Wedding Video

Posted on August 12th, by Brandon Parigo in Film Life, wedding life. 1 Comment

On a very windy day in May, Allison and Kevin found themselves at the President Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri participating in a ceremony sculpted by Allison. The President and the florist were spectacular as usual, but what I found most interesting about this ceremony was that Allison programmed it herself. She brought in a friend to administer the vows, and decided that the readings would be two poems of which I greatly enjoyed listening to while editing.

It is pretty obvious after watching the video that Allison, Kevin, and their friends like to have fun.

allison and kevin a kansas city wedding video

It is also obvious that they are serious when they want to be.

allison and kevin a kansas city wedding video

But my favorite moment is when getting set up for posed shots, Allison’s veil was ripped away by the wind to a nearby parking lot. This image from the video makes me smile when I see it. Allison is obviously shocked that her veil decided to become an airplane, and Kevin, seeing that I was shooting them decides to embrace the wind for an impromptu Zoolander moment.

allison and kevin a kansas city wedding video



One thought on “Allison + Kevin | A Short Kansas City Wedding Video

  1. oh my GOSH you always have me crying in the mornings as I sit down to watch your stories over coffee. Those poems were so beautiful and well placed. You tugged at those deepest desires for love like that. I also love how fun these two are. The combination of seriousness and celebration in them is so attractive!

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