Rehearsal Dinners and Film Making

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When I meet with potential clients for the first time, I always take a moment to talk about the importance of rehearsal dinner coverage. I was asked to cover the rehearsal dinner of Courtney and Lance, and am so glad I got the opportunity. Their rehearsal and following dinner had more planned events than some wedding days. A rehearsal with a live band (including a groomsman), a trolley ride downtown for the bridal party, a traffic snarl to get to the College Basketball Experience, a basket ball game (ending swiftly with Courtney winning the game in the first shot), and great BBQ. But the real reason a video of their rehearsal was crucial was because of the speeches from the loved ones who came from far and wide to celebrate this special time in their lives.

Rehearsal speeches are some of the most open and honest speeches you receive. Not burdened by the pressure of the wedding itself, people tend to speak their hearts. Courtney and Lance had 42 minutes of speeches at their rehearsal. Some were comedic, some were well wishes, some were musical, but all were heart felt. A great example is Lance’s fathers speech at the end of the film.

Another example of why you need to record the speeches at your rehearsal dinner can be found in Kit + David’s wedding short film. I open and close the film with David’s speech from the night before the wedding. Traditionally the groom doesn’t give a speech at a wedding, but they often do at a rehearsal. In David’s speech he talks how he and Kit met, and how heart breaking leaving college was because they had to be apart. It gave me a chance to see a side of David I wouldn’t have seen during the wedding day. Because I was let in on this special side of David through his speech, I had the opportunity to pass it on through their film to their friends, family, and generations to come.

If you are planning a wedding, rehearsal coverage by a professional is something you should definitely consider. If your budget may not allow it, then at the very least, get out your smartphone to record the speeches. You will thank me.



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