Kelsey + Logan | A Wedding Short Film

Posted on January 30th, by Brandon Parigo in Film Life, wedding life. 1 Comment

Faith, Hope and Love. We hear those words at almost every wedding we attend. I have heard them so much I often don’t think twice about them, until the wedding of Kelsey and Logan. When thinking of what to say about this couple, those words kept popping into my head. Faith, Hope and Love.

Kelsey and Logan are filled with Faith, as you will see illustrated throughout their piece. Boundless Hope to send them soaring, and Love to bind them together when soaring takes them into the wind.

On a windy day in November, Kelsey and Logan were married at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Missouri. They dressed themselves fashionably with a perfect eye to reflect their own character. The ceremony was conducted by two officiants, one chosen for each family. Every detail was chosen for a specific reason that related to them personally in some way. In my opinion, that is the only way to go about planning a wedding day. They included personal letters read to one another prior to the wedding and a unique first dance.

I hope you enjoy the film!



One thought on “Kelsey + Logan | A Wedding Short Film

  1. Brandon, I love watching your films. I am filled with such joy seeing young love. What beautiful reminders of why I’m pursuing a career in marriage, couples, and family counseling–to have a hand in helping couples maintain the love which drew them to one another. Marriage is not easy, but you give couples a beautiful reminder of the joyful and giddy parts of their relationship.

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