Teaser Twosday | Two Kansas City wedding photojournalism images from Brooke and Jason’s wedding

Posted on May 7th, by Tyler Wirken in Tyler and Pam's life, wedding life. 1 Comment

I had the opportunity on Saturday to witness a very special wedding.  Brooke and Jason’s wedding at Mission Hills country club was packed full of meaning and emotion.  Faith is an integral part of not only Brooke and Jason’s lives but their relationship as well.  What I found amazing about this wedding was the overwhelming support for Brooke and Jason by their friends and family.  That support was shown in many was including two prayers that happened right before the ceremony.  The first was with Jason and his groomsmen.  Jason was sitting in a chair with the hands of each person there on this shoulders while they anointed and  prayed for him and Brooke.  Brooke then had her prayer with family and friends there arm in arm asking for guidance for the couple in their life together.  Very powerful.  So today is another Teaser Twosday with two images from those prayers.  I feel these two moments were the core of what this day was all about.  Love and support.

Here is Brooke during her prayer.


Jason during his prayer.





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