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I recently had the privilege to witness and document the birth of Grace.  I absolutely love photographing births.  Being able to be trusted and invited into such an intimate event in a couples life and to provide a record of what the first day of a little ones live was is a responsibility I gladly accept.  Some births, however, are more challenging than others.  Danielle and Chris found out a few weeks prior to the due date they were going to have to have a planned c-section and I was not going to be allowed in the operating room.  That of course provides a challenge in me telling a birth story visually if I cannot be present for the actual birth.  Thankfully there was another wonderful story to be told.  When I got there that morning I was greeted by Danielle, Chris and their parents.  The soon to be grandparents had traveled from Georgia to be there to meet the first grandchild of the family.  I was stuck by how close Chris’ parents and Danielle’s were.  Turns out Chris and Danielle are high school sweethearts and both of their families pretty much grew up with each other in small town Georgia.  They spent the years going to sporting events together, having dinners and even taking trips together.  So it was a joy to be able to not only tell the story of the birth of Grace but also be able to show the dynamic of the two families.  The joy I witnessed was some of the most pure I have seen.

Getting ready to head into surgery.  Danielle said at the viewing she loves this image because she remembers how nervous everyone was including Chris.


The soon to be grandmothers prior to the surgery.


It was great how supportive Danielle’s parents were.   012_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos

Chris getting ready for the surgery.  013_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos

Chris’ mom giving Danielle a good luck kiss.  018_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos

The moment the grandmothers received Chris’ text with a photo of Grace.  Chris’ mom shouted-“I GOT A PICTURE” the second it popped up on her phone.  021_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos



The proud grandparents could not stop looking at the photos on their phones as they were waiting in anticipation for Chris to come get them to meet Grace.  027_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos

Still waiting.  029_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos

Finally the time came to meet Grace.  038_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos


Love this moment of the two grandmothers.  050_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos

They could not take their eyes off of their Grace.  052_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos

Mom and baby.  056_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos





Grace’s first bath.  085_kansascity-birth-photorapher-photography-family-photojournalism-birth-photojournalism-wirken-photography-live-birth-photos







3 thoughts on “Welcoming Grace | Kansas City birth photojournalism photographer

  1. What beautiful photos, Tyler. I have goosebumps looking at all of them. You capture moments perfectly.

  2. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

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