Teaser Tuesday | One wedding photojournalism image from Gretchen and Kyle’s Nebraska wedding

Posted on June 4th, by Tyler Wirken in Tyler and Pam's life, wedding life. No Comments

I had the privilege of traveling to Lincoln, Nebraska this past weekend to document Gretchen and Kyle’s carnival themed wedding.  What a great event.  Everything was comfortable.  The food, the schedule, even the custom Nike shoes the groom wore.  All comfortable.  What was most impressive to me other than some of the best and most creative decor I have seen was everyone’s attitude that day.  The weather in Nebraska has a bit wet as of late causing the trucks delivering the tent for the reception to create large ruts turning the field into a mud field.  In addition the temperature on Saturday was a high of 62 but that never phased anyone.  I love it when couples embrace what is given to them on their day so it is only fitting I am able to embrace things as well.  When I arrived the sides of the tent were down making it not only hard to maneuver but also made the job of lighting the event more difficult.  So instead of complaining about the situation I decided to get to work and find images I could be proud of and more importantly the couple would be proud of.

Here is one of my favorites from the day.  Gretchen, the bride, making her way through the crowd saying hello to her guests in her carnival tent reception.




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