Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City Wedding photography from Monica and David’s celebration

Posted on September 3rd, by Tyler Wirken in wedding life. 2 comments

I have had a few weeks off of shooting and enjoying some time with my dad in the Colorado Mountains but was excited to be back at it Saturday and Monica and David’s wedding made it that much better.  So many great things happened at this event but it was Monica’s vision and the love of their families that stood out to me.

Monica had a vision of cutting the cake on the outside steps of the Nelson Atkins with all of the guests watching.  It was an out of the box thought that turned out to be amazing.  What a scene it was to watch them cut the cake with David’s Army Saber while hundreds of the their closest family and friends watched.


The love between Monica and her parents was so evident all day.  I loved watching them all be so excited all day long.  One of the most emotional moments was when Monica’s dad came into the hotel room to see his daughter for the first time.  All three of them were crying.  Here Monica’s mom looks on from a distance as her husband and daughter share a moment before the ceremony at Our Lady of Sorrows Church.




2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City Wedding photography from Monica and David’s celebration

  1. Oh my!! Tyler thank you for posting these teasers! You and Brandon were fantastic throughout the day and into the evening. I am thrilled with just these two pictures and so excited to see more! Thank you for working with me to make this cake cutting a success. It was one of my favorite moments of the evening.

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