Teaser Tuesday | Two photos from Carrie and Alex’s Kansas City Wedding at Pennway Place

Posted on February 25th, by Tyler Wirken in wedding life. 1 Comment

I am really excited to bring back Teaser Tuesday!  I had my first wedding of the year on Saturday and wanted to share two images from Carrie and Alex’s wedding at Pennway Place in Kansas City.

Carrie and Alex were the perfect kind of clients.  I have never seen anyone be as cool as they were with just letting things happen as they happened.  Laid back is an understatement when describing these two.

Here are two of my favorite images from the day for Carrie and Alex to enjoy while their feet are in the sand this week.

First up is a moment minutes after Carrie and Alex were married.  I love the light in this photo.  They came down the “aisle” and shared a very quick hug and a kiss as husband and wife.  002_kansas_city_wedding_photography_studio_dan_meiners_pennway_place_wirken_photographyThe kids were awesome at this wedding.  I love to call this joy and pain.  :)



Congrats Carrie and Alex!  Enjoy your time at the beach.





One thought on “Teaser Tuesday | Two photos from Carrie and Alex’s Kansas City Wedding at Pennway Place

  1. What a GREAT time we had! Thank you Carrie & Alex for the fantastic time, visiting with family was awesome. Looking forward to more pics. We Love You!

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